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From the lovely song "Amahoro" by Gaby Kamanzi.

Amahoro, Ibyishimo, umunezero

(Peace, Joy, Happiness)

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From "Yesu Agaruste" by Vincent & Serge

Nishimiye kuzakubona Yesu

(I am happy that I will see you, Jesus)

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Meet the Artists

1. Birashoboka (It's Possible) by Enric Sifa

2. Araje (He's Coming) Aline Gahongayire

3. Nyir'ubutware (Majesty) Vincent & Serge

4. Urabeho Wa Si (Goodbye World) Kavutse Olivier

5. Yesu Agarutse (When Jesus...) Vincent & Serge

6. Umugaba (Hero's Commander) Enric Sifa

7. Reka Nkuvuge Imyato (Let Me Magnify You) Aline

8. Ndamuzi (I Know Him) Uwimana Aime

9. Amahoro (Peace) Gaby Kamanzi

10. Urabeho (Goodbye) Mani Martin

11. Turubumbatire (Let's Hold...) Robert Mugabe

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Rwanda Rhythms CD

Rwanda Rhythms CD cover artSpeak Rwanda is introducing eight wonderful young Rwandan musicians to the world who sing Rwandan gospel and traditional music. The purpose of producing Rwanda Rhythms is to provide high quality music to the world of Rwanda lovers, as well as to help these artists earn money from their songs and grow the music industry in Rwanda.

Order the CD $14.99


Three Great Reasons to add the CD "Rwanda Rhythms" to Your Music Collection

If you've been to Rwanda, you'll want more of it!

When you visit Rwanda, quite often you'll find yourself wanting to extend your experience. You'll seek out more opportunities to visit. You'll want to meet more of the Rwandan people. You'll start immersing yourself in more of the culture and language, and before you know it, you'll look for more tangible ways to help. Listening to Rwandan music will help re-connect you with your experience.

Traditional Rwandan music is still very hard to find

Even though singing, drumming and dancing permeates Rwandan culture, the traditional music of Rwanda is still very hard to find, either in Rwanda or out of it.  Much of the music being produced today in Rwanda is a Western style rap/hip hop or R&B that is popular with Rwandan youth, but not appealing to visitors. While we can enjoy our own (and others) video recordings of music and intore dancing on YouTube, the high quality music for our ipods and stereos is not there.  

Listening to traditional Rwandan music can help you learn the language of Rwanda

If you've decided to learn a bit of Kinyarwanda and are looking for ways to practice your pronunciation, listening to songs in the native language of Rwanda is a great way to tune your ears to understanding Kinyarwanda words and phrases.  


Learn Kinyarwanda through Music!

Click Here to download the free translations for the 11 Rwanda Rhythms songs. For each song, we have chosen a simple phrase to highlight for your learning. While you listen, focus on repeating and thinking about these highlighted phrases. Soon, the sounds of Kinyarwanda will become comfortable to your ears.


(I have been studying Kinyarwanda for a while, but listening to these songs made me realize that I mispronounce Urabeho, "Goodbye.")


We hope you enjoy this lovely music. If you know someone who has recently traveled to Rwanda, the Rwanda Rhythms CD would make a perfect gift! Please help us spread the word about this music project to those who love Rwanda.



Rwandan Music


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